Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fuhu Nabi 2 Tablet

Like many other parents, I have researched many tablets that are made for children and also some that are not specifically made for kids. I came across a few that sounded like they would be a good pick, But then I found the Fuhu Nabi 2 tablet! Not only is it kid friendly but adults can use it to!

The Nabi Tablet has a very Kid-friendly design, Durable rubber bumper, Powerful Tegra 3 processor, Excellent kid-safe mode,But is also a Fully functional tablet. Your children will have hours of fun with the many apps that you can get on the Nabi. It comes with many learning activities for your child. Math, Reading, Art to name a few. Fuhu has given the Nabi 2 some of the best parental controls i have seen on a kid's tablet so far. In addition to the kids-specific Nabi mode, which limits your childs access to system settings and standard apps saved in the Mommy/ Daddy Mode, parents can put restrictions on the websites their children can visit, as well as the types of videos and music they can see.

Fuhu allows us parents to create separate profiles for each of their kids. With separate profiles,and us parents can make sure that our children have access to age-appropriate videos in the the Fooz Kids video app. And multiple profiles can also be used to assign each child specific chores and set goals for each child. Nabi 2 comes with a whole bunch of apps right out of the box that will keep your kids happy until you get a chance to set it up and get more. In Mommy mode, you can access the Amazon Appstore, Nabi App Zone store, Skype, Zinio for magazines and more. Games include.Fruit Ninja HD,Band Bang Racing,iheart radio, "Blast Monkeys" and a bunch of others. But unfortunately the Google Play store is unavailable.But with more than 50,000 apps in the Amazon Appstore and 500 kid-friendly apps available in the Nabi App Zone,And more than 100 apps the Nabi 2 has pre-loaded,there is plenty of options to keep everyone having fun for a really long time.

    So in conclusion i would say this is the best children's tablet on the market! My daughter has spent many hours playing/learning on her Nabi and i am very happy with its performance and would recommend it to anyone looking for a children's tablet!


  1. Ahh! Hubs & I have been talking about getting the kids a tablet of their own but didn't know what would be more suitable for them. You just made our decision a whole lot easier! Thanks!

  2. This seems like a wonderful tablet! If I decide to get my girls a tablet, this post will be on my mind! Thanks!